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H A DPreprocessingConfig.php32 protected $padType = Pad::class;
106 * @param Pad
108 public function setPad(Pad $pad)
113 * @return Pad
H A DPad.php20 class Pad extends \Google\Model class
98 class_alias(Pad::class, 'Google_Service_Transcoder_Pad');
H A DREADME.md10 echo "Pad has $revisionCount revisions\n\n";
23 echo "Pad text is: <br/><ul>$padContents->text\n\n</ul>";
24 echo "End of Pad Text\n\n<hr>";
H A Ddia_lt.txt378 helpTranslate=Padėkite mums išversti šią programą
H A Dvkeyboard.js.unc122 '00': "Display Number Pad",
1068 /* ***** Layout Number Pad ************************************* */
H A Dbible_verses.txt679 … years old at his taking Re·bek'ah the daughter of Be·thu'el the Syrian of Pad'dan-a'ram, the sist…
776 Get up, go to Pad'dan-a'ram to the house of Be·thu'el the father of your mother and from there take…
779 So Isaac sent Jacob away, and he struck out for Pad'dan-a'ram, for La'ban the son of Be·thu'el the …
780 When E'sau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob and had sent him away to Pad'dan-a'ram to take from the…
781 and that Jacob was obeying his father and his mother and was on his way to Pad'dan-a'ram;
892 …he had accumulated, the herd of his acquisition that he had accumulated in Pad'dan-a'ram, in order…
979 …ity of She'chem, which is in the land of Ca'naan, while he was coming from Pad'dan-a'ram; and he p…
1021 God now appeared to Jacob once again during his coming from Pad'dan-a'ram and blessed him.
1038 …h's maidservant, were Gad and Ash'er. These are Jacob's sons who were born to him in Pad'dan-a'ram.
1402 These are the sons of Le'ah, whom she bore to Jacob in Pad'dan-a'ram, together with his daughter Di…
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