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H A DRepresentativeInfoData.php27 protected $officialsType = Official::class;
59 * @param Official[]
66 * @return Official[]
H A DRepresentativeInfoResponse.php33 protected $officialsType = Official::class;
93 * @param Official[]
100 * @return Official[]
H A DOfficial.php20 class Official extends \Google\Collection class
183 class_alias(Official::class, 'Google_Service_CivicInfo_Official');
H A DREADME.txt10 ===== Official documentation =====
H A DREADME.md6 Official docs: <https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:diffpreview>
H A DREADME.md5 [Plugin page at Official](https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:yuriigantt)
6 [My user at Official](https://forum.dokuwiki.org/user/50392)
H A DREADME.md50 You can see the official Skype button wizard here: [Official Skype Button Wizard](http://www.skype.…
H A DREADME.md135 * **[Official brushes](https://github.com/syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter/wiki/Brushes-and-Them…
175 * **[Official themes](https://github.com/syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter/wiki/Brushes-and-Theme…
H A DREADME.md48 Official installation method is via composer and its packagist package [mpdf/mpdf](https://packagis…
H A DREADME.md118 * [Official site](http://www.antlr.org/)
H A DREADME.md8 Official low-level client for Elasticsearch. Its goal is to provide common ground for all Elasticse…
H A Dquotes.txt1029 …have no doubt gathered, I am referring to the current effort to name an Official National Insect. …
1093 …niversity. The original idea behind the SATs, as stated in the E.T.S.'s Official Historical Statem…