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H A DFilesystemCache.php94 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException If unable to create directory
113 …throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException(sprintf('Failed to create cache directory "%s".', $d…
124 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException If unable to write file
158 …throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException(sprintf('Failed to write cache file "%s".', $fileNam…
H A DFilesystemLoader.php43 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException if $baseDir does not exist
57 …throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException(sprintf('FilesystemLoader baseDir must be a director…
H A DProductionFilesystemLoader.php47 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException if $baseDir does not exist.
H A DStreamLogger.php115 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException If the stream url cannot be opened
131 …throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException(sprintf('The stream or file "%s" could not be opened…
H A DRuntimeException.php15 class Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException extends RuntimeException implements Mustache_Exception class
H A DEngine.php336 * @throws Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException If the current Loader instance is immutable
347 …throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException('Unable to set partials on an immutable Mustache Loa…