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H A DEvent.php6 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
76 Logger::getInstance(Logger::LOG_DEBUG)
98 Logger::getInstance(Logger::LOG_DEBUG)->
H A Dadmin.php3 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
88 $logfile = Logger::getInstance($this->facility)->getLogfile($this->date);
137 Logger::LOG_ERROR,
139 Logger::LOG_DEBUG,
H A DMapper.php12 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
47 Logger::debug('Sitemapper::generate(): Sitemap up to date');
51 Logger::debug("Sitemapper::generate(): using $sitemap");
54 Logger::debug('Sitemapper::generate(): creating sitemap using '.count($pages).' pages');
H A DLogger.php5 class Logger class
11 /** @var Logger[] */
39 * @return Logger
44 self::$instances[$facility] = new Logger($facility);
H A Dinfoutils.php10 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
39Logger::debug("checkUpdateMessages(): downloading messages to ".$cf.($is_http?' (without SSL)':' (…
48 Logger::debug("checkUpdateMessages(): unexpected HTTP response received", $http->error);
51 Logger::debug("checkUpdateMessages(): messages up to date");
441 dbg_deprecated('\\dokuwiki\\Logger');
H A DErrorHandler.php103 return Logger::getInstance()->log(
H A DDebugHelper.php8 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
168 Logger::getInstance(Logger::LOG_DEPRECATED)->log($msg);
H A DWriter.php5 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
81 Logger::debug('Unable to invalidate opcache: ' . $errMsg); }
H A Dauth.php3 use dokuwiki\Logger; alias
388 Logger::debug("authad/auth.php getUserCount(): _adldap not set.");
H A DREADME.md131 you call backend code from your CLI that expects a Logger instance to produce any sensible status o…