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H A DListener.php57 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
76 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
95 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
110 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
130 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
145 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
161 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
175 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
198 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
231 $source = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable(),
H A DListenable.php49 class Listenable extends Test\Unit\Suite class
54 ->when($result = new \Mock\Hoa\Event\Listenable())
H A DListens.php119 class _Listenable implements LUT\Listenable
H A DListenable.php47 interface Listenable extends Source interface
H A DListener.php72 public function __construct(Listenable $source, array $ids)
H A DCHANGELOG.md40 * Test: Write test suite for `Hoa\Event\Listenable`. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-11-10T21:56:24+01:00)
H A DREADME.md113 The `Hoa\Event\Listenable` interface requires the `on` method to be present to
H A DWatcher.php49 class Watcher extends Finder implements Event\Listenable
H A DStream.php51 abstract class Stream implements IStream\Stream, Event\Listenable
H A DStream.php60 ->isInstanceOf(Event\Listenable::class);