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H A DLexerIndexedCustomAction.php22 final class LexerIndexedCustomAction implements LexerAction
27 /** @var LexerAction */
40 * @param LexerAction $action The lexer action to execute at a particular
43 public function __construct(int $offset, LexerAction $action)
65 * @return LexerAction A {@see LexerAction} object which executes the lexer action.
67 public function getAction() : LexerAction
H A DLexerAction.php17 interface LexerAction extends Hashable interface
H A DLexerPopModeAction.php18 final class LexerPopModeAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerMoreAction.php18 final class LexerMoreAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerSkipAction.php18 final class LexerSkipAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerChannelAction.php16 final class LexerChannelAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerModeAction.php10 final class LexerModeAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerTypeAction.php16 final class LexerTypeAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerPushModeAction.php16 final class LexerPushModeAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerCustomAction.php22 final class LexerCustomAction implements LexerAction
H A DLexerActionExecutor.php7 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\Atn\Actions\LexerAction; alias
60 * @param LexerAction $lexerAction The lexer action to
70 LexerAction $lexerAction
H A DATN.php7 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\Atn\Actions\LexerAction; alias
H A DATNDeserializer.php7 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\Atn\Actions\LexerAction; alias
897 private function lexerActionFactory(int $type, int $data1, int $data2) : LexerAction