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H A DLogUtility.php29 const LVL_MSG_DEBUG = 0; //3; define in ComboStrap\\LogUtility
182 if ($level > self::LVL_MSG_DEBUG) {
H A DMediaLink.php418 …("The type ($mime) of media ($qualifiedPath) is not an image", LogUtility::LVL_MSG_DEBUG, "image");
H A DPluginUtility.php1205 $level = LogUtility::LVL_MSG_DEBUG;
H A Dmath.php25 LogUtility::msg("The math syntax object was instantiated", LogUtility::LVL_MSG_DEBUG);
H A Dsnippets.php157 … LogUtility::log2file("Snippet cache file {$cache->cache} used", LogUtility::LVL_MSG_DEBUG);