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H A DGoogle_Client.php115 throw new Google_Exception('Cant add services after having authenticated');
425 class Google_Exception extends Exception {} class
426 class Google_AuthException extends Google_Exception {}
427 class Google_CacheException extends Google_Exception {}
428 class Google_IOException extends Google_Exception {}
429 class Google_ServiceException extends Google_Exception {
H A DGoogle_PemVerifier.php32 * @throws Google_Exception
36 throw new Google_Exception('Google API PHP client needs the openssl PHP extension');
H A DGoogle_ServiceResource.php67 * @throws Google_Exception
71 …throw new Google_Exception("Unknown function: {$this->serviceName}->{$this->resourceName}->{$name}…
111 throw new Google_Exception("($name) unknown parameter: '$key'");
117 throw new Google_Exception("($name) missing required param: '$paramName'");
H A DGoogle_Model.php104 * @throws Google_Exception Thrown if $obj isn't an array.
111 throw new Google_Exception("Incorrect parameter type passed to $method(), expected an"
H A DGoogle_MediaFileUpload.php260 throw new Google_Exception("Failed to start the resumable upload");
H A Daliases.php53 class Google_Exception extends \Google\Exception {} class