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H A DGithubMarkdownTest.php10 use cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown; alias
22 return new GithubMarkdown();
H A DGitHubFlavored.php7 class GitHubFlavored extends \cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown {
H A DGithubMarkdown.php15 class GithubMarkdown extends Markdown class
H A DCHANGELOG.md20 - #135 GithubMarkdown was not parsing inline code when there are square brackets around it.
79 - #10 GithubMarkdown is now fully supported including tables
H A DREADME.md85 - Github Flavored Markdown: `$parser = new \cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown();`
99 $parser = new \cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown();
107 $parser = new \cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown();
119 For GithubMarkdown:
355 (`Markdown`, `GithubMarkdown` or `MarkdownExtra`) as your flavors base class.
453 You may refer to the `consumeParagraph()` method of the `Markdown` and `GithubMarkdown` classes for…