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H A DREADME.md1 GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter
7 GeSHi Website: <http://qbnz.com/highlighter>
9 GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter, written in PHP. You simply
16 For more information on how to use GeSHi, please consult the
17 documentation. If you got this readme from a GeSHi package, then
18 the documentation is available in the [docs](https://github.com/GeSHi/geshi-1.0/tree/master/docs)
21 If you think you've found a bug in GeSHi, contact me with a bug
22 report at <BenBE@geshi.org>, submit to the [bug tracker at GitHub](https://github.com/GeSHi/geshi-1…
26 And if you're using GeSHi as a plugin/mod for some other software,
32 GeSHi is free software, released under the GNU GPL. Please see the
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H A DBUGS2 BUGS - list of known bugs in GeSHi
9 newline up until the next lexic, instead of stopping at the <END GeSHi> part. In fact,
13 - Slow!!! Especially for source with lots of strings in it. GeSHi will work acceptably
H A DTHANKS2 THANKS - List of credits for GeSHi
4 I owe these people/groups my thanks for help with GeSHi. Thanks, guys!
7 a great help for making GeSHi even better. And
11 - Andreas Gohr - Thanks for language files and for using GeSHi for DokuWiki
23 - Brian Cheesman - Thanks for using GeSHi in phpCvsView, and for the suggestion about
29 - David Gartner - Thanks for using GeSHi in net2ftp, and for the idea about a load_from_file
41 - Roberto Armellin - Thanks for pointing out some flaws in GeSHi (that will be solved
287 feature, or make a plugin for GeSHi for some other software, then tell me about it!
H A DCHANGELOG2 CHANGES - Changelog for GeSHi (geshi.php only)
24 - Backported CLI tool from GeSHi 1.1 branch (cweiske)
217 * Rework of Lua to use GeSHi's features better (BenBE)
262 * Properly protect Regexps against GeSHi Black Magic in Matlab (BenBE)
490 …- Make GeSHi's constructor arguments optional, so something like `$foo = new GeSHi;` is possible.…
493 - Some more memory & speed optimizations all over GeSHi (milian)
629 Even if GeSHi worked with PHP 4.1 before, it doesn't now. (Milian Wolff)
915 - The $_GESHI_ERRORS array is gone, error messages are internal to the GeSHi class
918 - Backported GeSHi 1.1.X's automatic language file path detection so you no longer
965 set used by calls to htmlentities() in GeSHi
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H A Dgeshi.less2 * GeSHi syntax highlighting styles
H A Drenderer.php14 * @see GeSHi::set_language()
H A Dgeshi.php153 @see GeSHi->optimize_regexp_list()
159 @see GeSHi->optimize_regexp_list()
226 class GeSHi { class
1592 …* Note: if you set this to false and @see GeSHi->parse_code() was already called onc…
1593 …* for the current language, you have to manually call @see GeSHi->optimize_keyword_g…
2578 $string = "<span$string_attributes>" . GeSHi::hsc($char);
2663 GeSHi::hsc($this->language_data['ESCAPE_CHAR']);
4744 $geshi = new GeSHi($string, $language, $path);
H A Dparserutils.php785 $geshi = new GeSHi($code, $language);
H A Dsyntax.txt406 …uses the [[http://qbnz.com/highlighter/|GeSHi]] Generic Syntax Highlighter -- so any language supp…