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H A DArrayEntryToken.php118 return $value instanceof TokenInterface ? $value : new ExactValueToken($value);
131 if (!$this->key instanceof ExactValueToken) {
H A DLogicalNotToken.php29 $this->token = $value instanceof TokenInterface? $value : new ExactValueToken($value);
H A DLogicalAndToken.php30 $argument = new ExactValueToken($argument);
H A DArrayEveryEntryToken.php32 $value = new ExactValueToken($value);
H A DExactValueToken.php23 class ExactValueToken implements TokenInterface class
H A DArgumentsWildcard.php36 $argument = new Token\ExactValueToken($argument);
H A DArgument.php32 return new Token\ExactValueToken($value);
H A DREADME.md222 $user->setName(new Prophecy\Argument\Token\ExactValueToken('everzet'));
236 `ExactValueToken` is not very useful in our case as it forced us to hardcode the username.
240 - `ExactValueToken` or `Argument::exact($value)` - checks that the argument matches a specific value