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H A DSearchResponse.php13 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
24 * @var Entries
30 * @param Entries $entries
32 public function __construct(LdapResult $result, Entries $entries)
39 * @return Entries
41 public function getEntries(): Entries
H A DPaging.php16 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
97 * @return Entries
99 public function getEntries(?int $size = null): Entries
129 * @return Entries
H A DVlv.php18 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
262 * @return Entries
265 public function getEntries(): Entries
273 protected function send(): Entries
H A DDirSync.php17 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
143 * @return Entries
146 public function getChanges(): Entries
H A DEntries.php30 class Entries extends \Google\Service\Resource class
71 class_alias(Entries::class, 'Google_Service_DataCatalog_Resource_Entries');
H A DRequestHandlerInterface.php13 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
78 public function search(RequestContext $context, SearchRequest $search): Entries;
H A DGenericRequestHandler.php13 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
91 public function search(RequestContext $context, SearchRequest $search): Entries
H A DProxyRequestHandler.php13 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
93 public function search(RequestContext $context, SearchRequest $search): Entries
H A DEntries.php37 class Entries extends \Google\Service\Resource class
104 class_alias(Entries::class, 'Google_Service_Logging_Resource_Entries');
H A DClientSearchHandler.php13 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
68 new SearchResponse($ldapResult, new Entries(...$entries)),
H A Ddwc_admin.txt113 - Prune Entries
114 - Delete Entries
118 …ng on Prune Entries will delete the entry for this git from the dwcommits records, which are kept …
121 …ny sqlite database files which you have deleted. So, if you use Delete Entries and then Restore …
H A Dintro.txt3 … the ''*'' character as page name to setup a wiki wide default delegate. Entries can be delted by …
H A DEntries.php20 class Entries implements \Countable, \IteratorAggregate class
H A DADClient.php7 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
38 /** @var Entries $entries */
H A DLdapClient.php17 use FreeDSx\Ldap\Entry\Entries; alias
249 public function search(SearchRequest $request, Control ...$controls): Entries
H A DREADME.md21 * [Entries](/docs/Client/Entries.md)
H A DREADME16 Entries may be enclosed by {...} or (...). Fields values may be enclosed by "...", {...} or withou…
H A Dmanual.txt207 ==== Split Data Entries ====
H A Dchangelog.txt1899 Entries are now guaranteed unique, with the last entry for the
H A Dol.js.map1Entries are read/written by the renderer.\n * @type {Object<string, Array<import(\"./render/ca…