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H A DCommonmark.php6 use League\CommonMark\DocParser; alias
18 $parser = new DocParser($environment);
H A DSimpleAnnotationReader.php35 * @var DocParser
46 $this->parser = new DocParser();
H A DAnnotationReader.php176 * @param DocParser $parser
180 public function __construct(DocParser $parser = null)
202 $this->parser = $parser ?: new DocParser();
204 $this->preParser = new DocParser;
H A DDocParser.php40 final class DocParser class
H A DMarkdownConverter.php25 parent::__construct(new DocParser($environment), new HtmlRenderer($environment));
H A DDocParser.php26 final class DocParser implements DocParserInterface class
H A DCHANGELOG.md91 `Doctrine\Common\Annotations\DocParser::setIgnoredAnnotationNamespaces()`. This will
100 * allow skipping non-imported annotations when a custom `DocParser` is passed to
105 - [45: DocParser can now ignore whole namespaces](https://github.com/doctrine/annotations/pull/45)
H A DCHANGELOG.md403 - `DocParser::getEnvironment()` (you should obtain it some other way)
418 - `DocParserInterface` created from `DocParser`
433 - `DocParser`
446 …r` constructor now requires an instance of `DocParserInterface` instead of the concrete `DocParser`
458 - Deprecated `DocParser::getEnvironment()` (you should obtain it some other way)
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md471 - Fixed `DocParser::preProcessInput` dropping up to 2 ending newlines instead of just one
525 - Changed `DocParser::processInlines` to use a `NodeWalker` to iterate through inlines
533 …- Functionality moved to `AbstractBlock::shouldLastLineBeBlank()` and new `DocParser::setAndPropag…
541 - Fixed bug where `DocParser` checked the wrong method to determine remainder handling behavior
543 - Fixed `DocParser` not ignoring the final newline of the input (like the reference parser does)
691 - Fixed DocParser trying to add empty strings to closed containers (#58)