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H A Dnull.php3 class DestinationNull extends Destination {
5 $this->Destination('');
H A Ddestination._interface.class.php2 class Destination { class
5 function Destination($filename) { function in Destination
H A Ddestination._http.class.php2 class DestinationHTTP extends Destination {
4 $this->Destination($filename);
H A Ddestination.file.class.php2 class DestinationFile extends Destination {
6 $this->Destination($filename);
H A DDestination.php5 class Destination class
H A Dsample.simplest.from.file.php14 class MyDestinationFile extends Destination {
H A Dsample.simplest.from.memory.php18 class MyDestinationFile extends Destination {
H A Dtest.php8 class MyDestinationFile extends Destination {
H A Dintro.txt9 # (Example) rule format: [Status] Origin Destination
H A DREADME.md94 <song path="" title="Mountain Chill - Planets Destination for Chill" />
H A DCHANGELOG90 * Be able to relax Destination validation on SAMLResponses and let this
118 * Destination value can't be blank (if present must match ACS URL).
H A DREADME.md15 …inationStrictlyMatches', by default disabled, that will force that the Destination URL should stri…
304 // followed: Destination, NameId, Conditions ... are validated too.
519 // If true, SAMLResponses with an empty value at its Destination
523 // If true, Destination URL should strictly match to the address to
1216 … used to calculate the currentURL in order to validate SAML elements like Destination or Recipient.
1227 Is possible that asserting request URL and Destination attribute of SAML response fails when workin…
H A DMpdf.php18 use Mpdf\Output\Destination; alias
9493 $dest = $dest ? Destination::DOWNLOAD : Destination::FILE;
9500 $dest = Destination::INLINE;
9502 $dest = Destination::FILE;
9508 case Destination::INLINE:
9541 case Destination::DOWNLOAD:
9567 case Destination::FILE:
9579 case Destination::STRING_RETURN:
27170 case Destination::INLINE:
27182 case Destination::FILE:
[all …]
H A DCHANGELOG.md157 - Added `\Mpdf\Output\Destination` class with verbose output destination constants
H A Dbundle.js.map1 …ror('Action \"link\" can only be used with <a> tags')\n }\n\n // Destination must start with…