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H A Dfunctions.php5 use GuzzleHttp\Handler\CurlMultiHandler; alias
107 $handler = Proxy::wrapSync(new CurlMultiHandler(), new CurlHandler());
111 $handler = new CurlMultiHandler();
H A DClientBuilder.php37 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlMultiHandler; alias
234 $future = new CurlMultiHandler($config);
236 $default = new CurlMultiHandler($config);
250 public static function multiHandler(array $params = []): CurlMultiHandler
253 return new CurlMultiHandler(array_merge([ 'mh' => curl_multi_init() ], $params));
H A DCHANGELOG.md71 - The multi handle of the CurlMultiHandler is now created lazily.
120 - Fixed a header parsing issue with the `CurlHandler` and `CurlMultiHandler`
H A Dhttp-handler.asciidoc13 (future) mode is enabled, the handler switches to `CurlMultiHandler`, which uses
H A DCurlMultiHandler.php18 class CurlMultiHandler class
H A DCurlMultiHandler.php20 class CurlMultiHandler class
H A DClientBuilder.asciidoc134 Get the multi handler for async (CurlMultiHandler)
H A DCHANGELOG.md222 CurlMultiHandler. This prevents unexpected recursion from requests completing
233 * `$maxHandles` has been removed from CurlMultiHandler.