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H A DCurlHandlerTest.php4 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler; alias
17 return new CurlHandler($options);
22 $a = new CurlHandler(['max_handles' => 10]);
28 $handler = new CurlHandler();
59 $a = new CurlHandler(['max_handles' => 2]);
88 $a = new CurlHandler();
H A Dclient_middleware.rst18 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
20 $handler = new CurlHandler();
66 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
68 $handler = new CurlHandler();
110 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
114 $defaultHandler = new CurlHandler();
143 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
147 $defaultHandler = new CurlHandler();
154 // Send the request using the blocking CurlHandler.
H A Dclient_handlers.rst63 The ``GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler`` can be used with PHP 5.5+ to send
73 When using the CurlHandler, custom curl options can be specified as an
79 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
81 $handler = new CurlHandler();
135 Just like the ``CurlHandler``, the ``CurlMultiHandler`` accepts custom curl
H A Dindex.rst29 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
31 $handler = new CurlHandler();
H A Dspec.rst300 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
309 $baseHandler = new CurlHandler();
H A DREADME.rst20 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
22 $handler = new CurlHandler();
H A DCHANGELOG.md99 - Fixed a header parsing issue with the `CurlHandler` and `CurlMultiHandler`
H A DClientBuilder.php20 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler; alias
201 $default = new CurlHandler($singleParams);
228 public static function singleHandler(): CurlHandler
231 return new CurlHandler();
H A DCurlHandler.php16 class CurlHandler class
H A Dfacebook.php585 * @param CurlHandler $ch optional initialized curl handle
H A Dbase_facebook.php914 * @param CurlHandler $ch Initialized curl handle
H A Dconfiguration.asciidoc208 uses `CurlHandler`, which executes single curl calls. These are very fast for single requests. Wh…