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H A Dfunctions.php4 use GuzzleHttp\Handler\CurlHandler; alias
107 $handler = Proxy::wrapSync(new CurlMultiHandler(), new CurlHandler());
109 $handler = new CurlHandler();
H A DREADME.md21 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler;
23 $handler = new CurlHandler();
H A DCHANGELOG.md120 - Fixed a header parsing issue with the `CurlHandler` and `CurlMultiHandler`
H A DCurlHandler.php14 class CurlHandler class
H A DClientBuilder.php36 use GuzzleHttp\Ring\Client\CurlHandler; alias
233 $default = new CurlHandler($singleParams);
264 public static function singleHandler(): CurlHandler
267 return new CurlHandler();
H A DCurlHandler.php16 class CurlHandler class
H A Dhttp-handler.asciidoc11 executing in synchronous mode, the handler uses `CurlHandler`, which executes
H A DClientBuilder.asciidoc147 Get the handler instance (CurlHandler)
H A Dfacebook.php585 * @param CurlHandler $ch optional initialized curl handle
H A Dbase_facebook.php914 * @param CurlHandler $ch Initialized curl handle