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H A DCountriesListResponse.php23 protected $countriesType = Country::class;
31 * @param Country[]
38 * @return Country[]
H A DGeoTargeting.php25 protected $countriesType = Country::class;
53 * @param Country[]
60 * @return Country[]
H A DCountry.php20 class Country extends \Google\Model class
116 class_alias(Country::class, 'Google_Service_Dfareporting_Country');
H A DCountries.php21 use Google\Service\Dfareporting\Country; alias
39 * @return Country
45 return $this->call('get', [$params], Country::class);
H A DCountry.php30 class Country extends AbstractModel class
54 $this->country = new \GeoIp2\Record\Country(
59 $this->registeredCountry = new \GeoIp2\Record\Country(
H A DCity.php47 class City extends Country
H A DCountry.php29 class Country extends AbstractPlaceRecord class
H A DRepresentedCountry.php29 class RepresentedCountry extends Country
H A Dquery.txt18 …- **Country Search: ** If a country does not appear in the list of countries, this will add it t…
29 |<''IP''>|''Month''|''Accesses''|''Pages''|<''Country''>|''User Agent''|''Search Terms''|''Name Spa…
36 |''Month''|''Accesses''|''Country''|''User Agent''|
41 …ngle brackets will not appear in every table. The ''Country'' column will be excluded from Count…
42 column will appear in tables with ''User Agent'' and ''Country'' priority.
H A Dtemplate_en.txt13 Country: {country}<br />
H A Dscript.js78 + place.AddressDetails.Country.CountryNameCode
H A DCHANGELOG.md12 * The `isInEuropeanUnion` property was added to `GeoIp2\Record\Country`
168 GeoIP2 Country database will result in an exception, and vice versa.
H A DREADME.md314 * `GeoIp2\Record\Country` and `GeoIp2\Record\RepresentedCountry` -
H A DStatisticsLogger.class.php253 if(preg_match('/^Country: (.*?) \((.*?)\)\nCity: (.*?)$/s', $data, $match)) {
H A Dxlsx.min.js8 …wb.Encryption=opts.enc;wb.Metadata={};if(country!==undefined)wb.Metadata.Country=country;return wb…
H A Dxlsx.js9803 if(country !== undefined) wb.Metadata.Country = country;
H A Dxlsx.min.map1 …"TxO","noteobj","sheetnamesraw","sort","Number","Encryption","Metadata","Country","parse_xlscfb","…
H A Dscript.js8Country:Fc(U_),ElectronicMailAddress:Fc(U_)}),mS=Gc(fS,{Value:Mc((function(t,e){return U_(t)}))}),…