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H A DConverter.php19 class Converter implements ConverterInterface class
72 * @see Converter::convertToHtml
H A DMarkdownConverter.php16 class MarkdownConverter extends Converter
H A Dfilter.data.encoding.class.php21 $converter = Converter::create();
24 $converter = Converter::create();
H A Dfilter.data.ucs2.class.php7 $converter = Converter::create();
H A Dfilter.data.utf8.class.php7 $converter = Converter::create();
H A Dconverter.class.php4 class Converter { class
H A Dbox.iframe.php53 $converter = Converter::create();
H A Dbox.frame.php145 $converter = Converter::create();
H A Doutput.png.class.php502 $converter = Converter::create();
H A DCHANGELOG.md67 …ting converters with custom environments; this replaces the previously-deprecated `Converter` class
236 - The `Converter` class has been deprecated; use `CommonMarkConverter` instead (#438, #439)
459 …- The `Converter` constructor now requires an instance of `DocParserInterface` instead of the conc…
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md142 - Added `ConverterInterface` to `Converter` and `CommonMarkConverter` (#330)
397 - Added ability to invoke `Converter` as a function (#233, #239)
594 - Added a new `Converter` base class which `CommonMarkConverter` extends from (#105)
H A DCHANGELOG.md465 - \[Question\] Handler/Converter for specific field [\#476](https://github.com/schmittjoh/serialize…