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H A Dconnection-factory.asciidoc2 === Setting a custom ConnectionFactory
4 The ConnectionFactory instantiates new Connection objects when requested by the
10 There is little reason to provide your own ConnectionFactory, but if you need to
11 do so, you need to supply an intact ConnectionFactory object to the
55 As you can see, if you decide to inject your own ConnectionFactory, you take
56 over the responsibility of wiring it correctly. The ConnectionFactory requires a
H A Dconnection-pool.asciidoc171 …public function __construct($connections, SelectorInterface $selector, ConnectionFactory $factory,…
H A DConnectionFactory.php24 class ConnectionFactory implements ConnectionFactoryInterface class
H A DClientBuilder.php30 use Elasticsearch\Connections\ConnectionFactory; alias
654 …$this->connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory($this->handler, $this->connectionParams, $this->s…