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H A Dcommonmark49 echo \League\CommonMark\CommonMarkConverter::VERSION . "\n";
86 $converter = new \League\CommonMark\CommonMarkConverter($options);
H A DGithubFlavoredMarkdownConverter.php17 class GithubFlavoredMarkdownConverter extends CommonMarkConverter
H A DCommonMarkConverter.php20 class CommonMarkConverter extends MarkdownConverter class
H A DREADME.md25 The `CommonMarkConverter` class provides a simple wrapper for converting CommonMark to HTML:
28 use League\CommonMark\CommonMarkConverter;
30 $converter = new CommonMarkConverter([
69 …MarkdownConverter` shown earlier is a drop-in replacement for the `CommonMarkConverter` which adds…
H A DCHANGELOG.md78 …e ability to pass a custom `Environment` into the constructors of `CommonMarkConverter` and `Githu…
186 - Deprecated the `CommonMarkConverter::VERSION` constant (#496)
236 - The `Converter` class has been deprecated; use `CommonMarkConverter` instead (#438, #439)
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md142 - Added `ConverterInterface` to `Converter` and `CommonMarkConverter` (#330)
184 - Added a new constant containing the current version: `CommonMarkConverter::VERSION` (#314)
424 - Added optional `Environment` parameter to `CommonMarkConverter` constructor
594 - Added a new `Converter` base class which `CommonMarkConverter` extends from (#105)
717 - Fixed CommonMarkConverter re-creating object each time new text is converted (#26)