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H A DCacheItemPoolInterface.php29 * @return CacheItemInterface
112 * @param CacheItemInterface $item
118 public function save(CacheItemInterface $item);
123 * @param CacheItemInterface $item
129 public function saveDeferred(CacheItemInterface $item);
H A DCacheItemInterface.php24 interface CacheItemInterface interface
H A DMemoryCacheItemPool.php20 use Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface; alias
29 * @var CacheItemInterface[]
34 * @var CacheItemInterface[]
41 * @return CacheItemInterface The corresponding Cache Item.
43 public function getItem($key): CacheItemInterface
129 public function save(CacheItemInterface $item): bool
142 public function saveDeferred(CacheItemInterface $item): bool
H A DSysVCacheItemPool.php19 use Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface; alias
45 * @var CacheItemInterface[]
50 * @var CacheItemInterface[]
96 * @return CacheItemInterface
98 public function getItem($key): CacheItemInterface
166 public function save(CacheItemInterface $item): bool
179 public function saveDeferred(CacheItemInterface $item): bool
H A DTypedItem.php20 use Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface; alias
25 final class TypedItem implements CacheItemInterface
H A DItem.php23 use Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface; alias
29 final class Item implements CacheItemInterface
H A DCHANGELOG.md12 - For `expiresAt()` and `expiresAfter()` in CacheItemInterface fix docblock to specify null as a va…