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H A Drender.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
22 class RenderCLI extends CLI {
H A Dindexer.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
14 class IndexerCLI extends CLI {
H A Dplugin.php5 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
13 class PluginCLI extends CLI {
H A Dstriplangs.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
14 class StripLangsCLI extends CLI {
H A Dwantedpages.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
15 class WantedPagesCLI extends CLI {
H A Dgittool.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
16 class GitToolCLI extends CLI {
H A Ddwpage.php4 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI; alias
14 class PageCLI extends CLI {
H A DPSR3CLI.php12 abstract class PSR3CLI extends CLI implements LoggerInterface {
H A DCLI.php13 abstract class CLI class
H A DCLIPlugin.php10 abstract class CLIPlugin extends \splitbrain\phpcli\CLI implements PluginInterface
3 PHP-CLI is a simple library that helps with creating nice looking command line scripts.
29 use splitbrain\phpcli\CLI;
32 class Minimal extends CLI
61 - create a class and ``extend splitbrain\phpcli\CLI``
78 By default the CLI class registers an exception handler and will print the exception's message to t…
130 The CLI class is a fully PSR-3 compatible logger (printing colored log data to STDOUT and STDERR). …
131 you call backend code from your CLI that expects a Logger instance to produce any sensible status o…
133 …mply inherit from `splitbrain\phpcli\PSR3CLI` instead of `splitbrain\phpcli\CLI`, then pass `$this`
138 You can adjust the verbosity of your CLI tool using the `--loglevel` parameter. Supported loglevels…
H A DCHANGELOG24 - Backported CLI tool from GeSHi 1.1 branch (cweiske)