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H A DLateComputed.php84 $iBucket = new Stream\Bucket($in);
98 $bucket = new Stream\Bucket(
100 Stream\Bucket::IS_A_STREAM,
103 $oBucket = new Stream\Bucket($out);
H A DBasic.php121 $iBucket = new Stream\Bucket($in);
122 $oBucket = new Stream\Bucket($out);
H A DWatcher.php110 new Event\Bucket([
127 new Event\Bucket([
139 new Event\Bucket([
H A DListener.php87 ->array($listener->fire($listenerId, new LUT\Bucket()))
122 ->array($listener->fire($listenerId, new LUT\Bucket()))
203 $bucket = new LUT\Bucket(),
206 function (LUT\Bucket $receivedBucket) use ($self, $bucket, $source, &$called) {
236 $listener->fire('foo', new LUT\Bucket());
H A DBucket.php40 use Hoa\Event\Bucket as SUT;
51 class Bucket extends Test\Unit\Suite class
H A DEvent.php240 $bucket = new LUT\Bucket(),
244 function (LUT\Bucket $receivedBucket) use ($self, $source, $bucket, &$called) {
269 $data = new LUT\Bucket()
H A DListens.php135 $this->getListener()->fire('foo', new LUT\Bucket('bar'));
H A DBucket.php47 class Bucket class
130 public function append(Bucket $bucket)
143 public function prepend(Bucket $bucket)
H A DStream.php320 new Event\Bucket()
597 $this->getListener()->fire($_map[$ncode], new Event\Bucket([
H A DREADME.md237 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
283 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
289 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
295 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
301 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
307 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
449 $iBucket = new Hoa\Stream\Bucket($in);
450 $oBucket = new Hoa\Stream\Bucket($out);
H A DCHANGELOG.md37 * Test: Write `Hoa\Stream\Bucket` test suite. (Ivan Enderlin, 2017-02-02T12:01:07+01:00)
H A DBucket.php39 use Hoa\Stream\Bucket as SUT;
50 class Bucket extends Test\Unit\Suite class
H A DStream.php254 function (Event\Bucket $bucket) use ($self, &$called) {
H A DException.php90 new Event\Bucket($this)
H A DREADME.md120 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
H A DBucket.php47 class Bucket class
H A DListener.php165 public function fire($listenerId, Bucket $data)
H A DEvent.php229 public static function notify($eventId, Source $source, Bucket $data)
H A DCHANGELOG.md41 * Test: Write test suite for `Hoa\Event\Bucket`. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-11-10T21:55:45+01:00)
H A DREADME.md83 function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
120 $server->on('message', function (Hoa\Event\Bucket $bucket) {
H A DException.php79 function (Event\Bucket $bucket) use ($self, &$called) {
H A DXcallable.php194 if ($head instanceof Event\Bucket) {
H A DREADME.md227 argument is of kind `Hoa\Event\Bucket`, then the method name will be deduced