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H A DProjectsLocationsBatches.php20 use Google\Service\Dataproc\Batch; alias
40 * @param Batch $postBody
57 public function create($parent, Batch $postBody, $optParams = [])
83 * @return Batch
89 return $this->call('get', [$params], Batch::class);
H A DListBatchesResponse.php23 protected $batchesType = Batch::class;
31 * @param Batch[]
38 * @return Batch[]
H A DBatch.php20 class Batch extends \Google\Collection class
317 class_alias(Batch::class, 'Google_Service_Dataproc_Batch');
H A DService.php20 use Google\Http\Batch; alias
60 * @return Batch
64 return new Batch(
H A Daliases.php54 class Google_Http_Batch extends \Google\Http\Batch {}
H A DBatch.php36 class Batch class
H A Dfutures.asciidoc94 The queued requests will execute in parallel and populate their futures after execution. Batch siz…
H A DCHANGELOG.md1194 * BC: Removing Guzzle\Common\Batch\Batch::count() and replacing it with isEmpty()
1199 * Batch divisors can now return iterators or arrays
1213 * Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorApplyBatched now internally uses the Guzzle\Common\Batch
H A DUPGRADING.md237 ## Batch section in Guzzle Upgrade Guide
239 The `Guzzle\Batch` namespace has been removed. This is best left to
H A DChangeLog1067 * Fixed: Batch processing did not clear CSS rules before
1169 * Change: "Batch" processing feature
H A Dbundle.js.map1Batch();\n var asyncFrameHandler;\n var isProcessing = false;\n\n function addFunction(le…