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H A Djdatetime.class.php52 …private static $timezone = null; //Timezone String e.g Asia/Tehran, Defaults to Server Timezone Se… variable in jDateTime
69 public function __construct($convert = null, $jalali = null, $timezone = null)
93 …public static function date($format, $stamp = false, $convert = null, $jalali = null, $timezone = …
262 public static function gDate($format, $stamp = false, $timezone = null)
284 …tatic function strftime($format, $stamp = false, $convert = null, $jalali = null, $timezone = null)
338 …tic function mktime($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, $year, $jalali = null, $timezone = null)
H A DGTUtil.php235 public static function decodeTime($time, $timezone = null) {
296 public static function formatTime($time, $timezone = null) {
H A DDateHistogram.php21 public function setTimezone(string $timezone): self
H A DDateHandlerTest.php22 private $timezone; variable in JMS\\Serializer\\Tests\\Handler\\DateHandlerTest
H A DDate.php73 public function setTimezone(string $timezone): self
H A DDateIndexName.php98 public function setTimezone(string $timezone): self
H A DIntl.php42 … $date, $dateFormat = 'medium', $timeFormat = 'medium', $locale = null, $timezone = null, $format …
H A Dhelper.php411 public function updateCalendarTimezone($calid, $timezone)
977 …public function getEventsWithinDateRange($id, $user, $startDate, $endDate, $timezone, $color = nul…
1078 …private function convertIcalDataToEntry($event, $page, $timezone, $uid, $color, $recurring = false)
H A Dscript.js99 timezone: tz, property in AnonymousFunction810540b70400.fcOptions
H A DGoogle_Oauth2Service.php192 public $timezone; variable in Google_Userinfo
260 public function setTimezone( $timezone) {
H A DGoogle_AnalyticsService.php2402 public $timezone; variable in Google_Profile
2497 public function setTimezone( $timezone) {
H A DCoreExtension.php42 protected $timezone = null; variable in Twig\\Extension\\CoreExtension
98 public function setTimezone($timezone)
412 function twig_date_format_filter(Environment $env, $date, $format = null, $timezone = null)
459 function twig_date_converter(Environment $env, $date = null, $timezone = null)
H A DQueryString.php241 public function setTimezone(string $timezone): self
H A Dupdate0001.sql24 timezone text, field
H A DInlineTest.php545 … testParseTimestampAsDateTimeObject($yaml, $year, $month, $day, $hour, $minute, $second, $timezone)