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H A DFile.php58 protected $location; variable in SimplePie_Cache_File
88 public function __construct($location, $name, $type)
H A DBase.php76 public function __construct($location, $name, $type);
H A DMemcache.php87 public function __construct($location, $name, $type)
H A DMySQL.php86 public function __construct($location, $name, $type)
H A DMemcached.php84 public function __construct($location, $name, $type) {
H A DRedis.php63 public function __construct($location, $name, $options = null) {
H A DCache.php83 public static function get_handler($location, $filename, $extension)
101 public function create($location, $filename, $extension)
H A Dcss.php394 function css_loadfile($file,$location=''){
407 protected $location; // base url location of the CSS/Less file variable in DokuCssFile
422 public function load($location='') {
H A DStyleUtils.php183 protected function cssFixreplacementurls($replacements, $location)
H A DSimplePie.php906 public function set_cache_location($location = './cache')