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H A DajaxPOI.php23 $isAdmin = variable
H A DscheduleRoot.class.php88 var $isAdmin; // if user member of schedule adminGroup variable in scheduleRoot
H A Dschedules.class.php75 function isAdmin () { function in schedules
H A DFacebookPageTabHelper.php81 public function isAdmin() function in Facebook\\Helpers\\FacebookPageTabHelper
H A Ddiv.php96 function isAdmin () { function in syntax_plugin_glossary_div
H A Dsyntax.php138 function isAdmin () { function in syntax_plugin_tiledblog
H A DIdentity.php120 public static function isAdmin() function in ComboStrap\\Identity
H A DUser.php98 public $isAdmin; variable in Google\\Service\\Directory\\User
461 public function setIsAdmin($isAdmin)
H A Ddatabase.php897 var $isAdmin; variable in Table
H A DGoogle_DirectoryService.php1597 public $isAdmin; variable in Google_User
1704 public function setIsAdmin($isAdmin) {