Could not parse document you've specified; the code caused critical XML parser error. If you're sure you have valid HTML/XHTML code, please report this behaviour as a bug.

This script makes an attempt to convert your document to valid XHTML code which can be parsed by freely available XML parsers. It is able to detect and fix mismatching tags, malformed attributes and unescaped characters having special meanining in HTML. Nevertheless, not all pages displaying in such powerful browsers like IE and FireFox, could be fixed; in such case, please use code validator and fix critical errors.

Rarely, you can face a bug in HTML-to-XHTML conversion routines preventing the valid code to be parsed. In this case you can disable this behaviour completely by setting html2xhtml parameter ("Do not use conversion, input is valid XHTML") to some value. In this case, your code will be passed to XML parser as-is.