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4 Changes to the code are listed under the version they occurred in, with who suggested
93 - Non-persistent XSS in example contrib script (BenBE, present in intermediate dev versions)
99 * Fix a minor issue with comments in Visual Basic (Plançon, BenBE)
101 * Fix a minor issue with keywords in SQL (Gerrit, BenBE)
102 * Force comments in INI files to be their own line (BenBE)
106 * Fixed langcheck errors in Lua langfile (BenBE)
107 * Fixed double quotes in Tcl (BenBE, stecue)
153 * Support for IPv6 addresses in RFC822 messages (BenBE)
165 * Fixed a typo in Modula-3 language file (SF#3358216, BenBE)
171 * Fixed typo in Haskell causing a keyword to be missing (SF#3529439, BenBE)
195 - Small bugfix in LangCheck when looking for language files
210 * Incorrect handling of /**/ comments in Javascript (BenBE)
211 * Support for mod_upload_progress in Apache Config files (BenBE)
212 * Prefix operator handling in F# was broken (BenBE)
215 * Limited support for prompt detection in single line Bash snippets (BenBE)
220 * Fixed incorrect highlighting of certain keywords in Erlang (SF#3138853, BenBE)
221 * Escape chars in C++/C++Qt handled incorrectly (SF#3122706, C. Pötsch)
262 * Properly protect Regexps against GeSHi Black Magic in Matlab (BenBE)
263 * Added support for Block Comments in PowerShell (BenBE)
273 - Minor change in INT_BASIC number regexp to support '..' range operator
274 as to be found in most Pascal-like languages (BenBE)
275 - Fixed an issue with Hardquotes for empty strings (like '' in Delphi) (BenBE)
278 * Fixed broken links in Prolog language file (BenBE)
279 * Fixed keywords in generics expressions in Java5 (BenBE)
280 * Added support for import static in Java5 (BenBE)
282 * Fixed some regexp issues in Erlang (BenBE)
285 * Fixed a problem with variable names in Prolog (BenBE)
289 * Removed backslash as Escape Char in T-SQL (SF#2939199, Bruno Braga)
308 * Fixed broken links in R/S+ language file (BenBE)
311 * Fixed missed shorthand arg references in Bash (BenBE)
312 * Fixed first line not getting highlighted in diff language (BenBE)
347 - Fixed missing check for comment_regexp preference in HardQuotes (BenBE)
356 * Fixed linking in ColdFusion (BenBE)
357 * Fixed linking in LaTeX (BenBE)
358 * Fixed linking in mIRC Scripting language (BenBE)
375 - Added a PARSER_CONTROL setting to treat whitespace inside of keywords in
376 the language file as "any whitespace" in the source (i.e. "CREATE TABLE"
377 in SQL will match "CREATE\s+TABLE" instead of literally matching) (BenBE)
381 * Allow for escaped colons to appear in CSS names (BenBE, simon)
386 * Problem with escaped backslash in PHP and D (BenBE)
389 * Forbid highlighting keywords followed by / in bash (BenBE)
408 - Updated the language file check script in contrib/ (BenBE)
409 - Fixed a problem with link targets resulting in unclickable links (SF#2379120, BenBE)
410 - Fixed an undefined variable issue in langcheck.php (BenBE)
415 * Minor style changes in COBOL to improve loading performance (BenBE)
425 * Fixed a problem with tag and attribute names in XML highlighting (SF#2276119, BenBE)
439 * Implemented C-style Escapes in PHP (BenBE)
440 * Introduced support for \xAB and \007 style Char Escapes in PHP (BenBE)
441 * Implemented Variable Highlighting in PHP (BenBE)
442 * Implemented Variable Highlighting in Bash (milian)
448 - Fixed broken highlighting of some symbols in their escaped form (BenBE)
450 - Fixed a "memory leak" in the *_regexp_caches (milian)
454 - Changes to default CSS in order to make the GESHI_HEADER_PRE_TABLE align properly,
463 * Fixed highlighting in LaTeX for \begin{} and \end{}, i.e. the stuff inside
470 * Minor bug with Transpose Operator in Matlab (BenBE, Daniele de Rigo)
491 …- Added an optimizer for lists to regular expressions. Using these cached lists results in a spee…
505 * Fixed highlighting incorrectly stopping at ?> in PHP (SF#1330968, BenBE)
507 … code is found in this mode, we fallback to the same setting as if GESHI_NEVER was set. That way it
513 …- Added new GESHI_HEADER_PRE_TABLE type which can be used to prevent linenumber-selection in Fire…
530 * Properly handle escapes in strings, i.e. '\\' was not working properly before (milian)
532 - Improved flexibility in language files (BenBE, milian)
535 * Removed explicit escaping of / in Regular Expressions (BenBE)
537 … * Make language_permissions configurable in language files via ['PARSER_CONTROL']['ENABLE_FLAGS']
538 this makes is_a calls unneeded and thus prevents PHP notices in PHP 5.x (milian)
543 …* Fixed improper handling of newlines in REGEXPS so this does not produce invalid html anylonger (…
544 - Some typos and mistakes in the documentation (BenBE)
553 * Added support for parameters beginning with dash in BASH language (BenBE)
564 …* Fixed a regular expression in mIRC language file that caused a warning message to be issued (Ben…
566 * Use spaces instead of tabs for indendation in language files to have a consistent
573 - Second part of default style changes. Affected in this release:
589 - Fixed a problem not yet addressed in regarding highlighting of
590 symbols that caused some extra characters to be added in the output or
594 - Fixed a bug causing masses of warnings in rendered output if language file
599 - Escaping of comments in LaTeX ignored (SF#1749806, BenBE)
600 - Modified Math environment $$ in LaTeX to be non-greedy (BenBE)
607 …- Fixed Strings in Matlab to be handled as comments instead of regexps, to prevent keywords being…
610 - Added PARSER_CONTROL settings for keywords in ASM language file (SF#1835148, BenBE)
612 - Fixed accidential highlighting of keywords in argument names (SF#1956456, Milian Wolff, BenBE)
619 - Optimized generation of code parts in strict mode (Milian Wolff)
633 - Fixed minor problem in Haskell cuasing accidential start of comment (SF#1987221, BenBE)
663 - Included color and character information for symbol highlighting in some languages (BenBE)
671 …- Fixed highlighting error in bash language avoiding keywords in comments (SF #1786314, SF #15648…
675 - Fixed some warnings in DOS language file (Florian Angehrn)
690 - Fixed comment CSS rule in visualfoxpro
694 - Fixed tab replacement code not generating the correct number of spaces in
696 - Fixed two typos in Z80 language file
707 - Fix bad colour definition in GML language (Andreas Gohr)
718 regex support in PHP (Tim Starling)
719 - Allow {TIME}, {LANGUAGE} and {VERSION} to be used in the header as well as
721 - Changed comment regex in bash to prevent malformed XHTML (rv1971)
727 - Fixed "</span" generated if a multiline comment is the last thing in the
730 - Fixed spelling mistake for keyword in Python (wd3)
736 - Removed background colour on keyword group in eiffel (Julian Tschannen)
753 - Fixed use of colon in XML (Grigory Rubtsov)
754 - Fixed notices in text.php, reg.php and latex.php when $this is not
757 - Fix incorrect highlighting of the $# variable in bash (Michael Knight)
758 - Fixed single line comment mistake in thinbasic.php (Eros Olmi)
764 - Fixed SF bug 1556404 - check before using $this in language files
776 (dubious in that it doesn't work for me)
788 - Moved a couple of functions to the correct group in smarty (arwan)
796 - Removed \ as an escape character in T-SQL (Dave Jackson)
798 - Allow setting of lexic permissions in language files (SmokingRope)
806 - Fixed & in URL in java5 (Clemens Weiß)
814 slightly to allow more "meta characters" (like #) in
824 - A few keyword changes in java, removed :: object splitter (amphi)
828 - Fix backtick-string highlighting in ruby (Juan J. Martínez)
829 - Add =begin multiline comments in ruby (Juan J. Martínez)
830 - Added support for :keywords and ::access in lisp (Denis Mashkevich)
832 - Removed escape characters for strings in XML and HTML (floele)
834 - Fixed comments in ASP (SBD)
836 - Added support for " strings in ini
840 - Used hardquote support for @"..." strings in C# (Cliff Stanford)
841 - Used hardquote support for ' strings in perl (Cliff Stanford)
850 - Fixed method highlighting in VB (Matt Beale)
851 - Fixed multiline comment highlighting in SQL (MrBaseball34)
857 - Fixed double </a> for elements in HTML (Yves Goergen)
870 - Fixed up no </span> in XML and other strict languages (regression from fix: removed
879 - Fixed warning in dos.php about undefined constant (Tim Van Wassenhove)
880 - Fixed security hole in contrib/example.php - able to view any file if source
894 in set_*_styles methods (Stebastian Werner)
914 - Fixed bug in set_code_style: Second parameter is now optional
922 - Removed excess characters after ?> in ada.php, apache.php and cpp.php that caused
926 - Added underscore to allowed characters in match for XML tags (anonymous)
931 - Fixed multiline comment selector in cssgen.php (Andrzej Kubaszek)
933 - Added support for smart tabs - tabs that behave just like normal tabs when in
940 - Fixed bug where not using an encoding type would sometime result in warnings (although
941 there still seems to be issues with encoding in general that I'm trying to gather more
943 - Removed "margin: 0" from <ol> in an attempt to make line numbers visible in IE again
954 - Added section on case sensitivity to documentation that wasn't in the other versions
965 set used by calls to htmlentities() in GeSHi
971 in the URL (M. Uli Kusterer)
997 - Contextual highlighting with <BEGIN GeSHi> ... <END GeSHi> in the code (which
1016 changed on the fly instead of simply being specified in the language file
1018 - Lines are broken in the source only by \n now, not by \r\n (to save on output source)
1020 - Method header() modified to allow the user to choose whether the code is surrounded in
1023 - Method get_stylesheet() modified so that a smaller comment is outputted in economy mode,
1024 and bugs with when line number classes are outputted in economy mode have been fixed